New Furnace Installation Fonthill, ON

New Furnace Installation Fonthill, ON

Expert Gas Inc. offers a wide variety of products that will meet your needs. We stand behind everything that we offer because all of our products are of the highest quality which will ensure customer satisfaction.

Some of the products that we are currently offering include:

Furnaces – Furnace need replacing? Have us replace your old heating system with one of Goodman's® Hi-efficiency Furnaces. Goodman® brand gas furnaces can deliver warm, money-saving indoor comfort year after year to your home. Variable and multi-speed furnaces can provide enhanced indoor comfort by slowly ramping up your thermostat setting rather than simply turning it on at full speed. This alleviates the 'cold air blow' often associated with single-speed furnaces. Choose from a full line of Goodman® brand gas furnaces that we believe offer the best warranty protection in the heating and cooling industry.

Air Conditioners – Looking to upgrade your Air Conditioner we believe the Goodman® brand has a central air conditioning system that is perfect for your home — at a refreshingly affordable price. Even on the hottest days of the year, you can keep your home cool and comfortable while enjoying low energy costs with a high-efficiency Goodman® brand air conditioner.

Humidifiers – Is your home feeling a little dry, have us install a GeneralAire Humidifier. Choosing a GeneralAire Humidifier will improve your comfort indoors and maintain a healthy environment so you can breathe a little easier.

Boilers – Recently, to ensure public safety, there has been a variety of changes made regarding the installation and maintenance of boilers. If a boiler is a system you have in your home or business it is highly recommended that you have your system cleaned and inspected on an annual basis. If you need to replace you current boiler we can offer you a Weil McClain or Viessman high efficiency boiler constructed of highly durable components. Gas boilers deliver quiet, consistent warmth and offer a variety of models to meet your specific residential and commercial heating needs.

Pool Heaters – If you're looking to have your current pool heater serviced, no problem we have been servicing all make and model pool heaters for more than 10 years. If you are looking to add or replace your pool heater we recommend a Sta-Rite Hi-efficiency heater they deliver fast heat-up times, low operating costs, and long life. Their rugged housings are built to withstand the elements, and the compact, attractive design blends into any environment.

Space Heaters – Need to add a little extra heat to your garage or basement let us help by installing a Hot Dawg Space heater. You can choose from a variety of different styles to add heat to any space.

Fireplaces - Fireplace installation can be a complex process. We have the ability to handle all aspects of the selection and installation process. By speaking with you, we'll be able to determine the type of assistance you require.


Water Heaters – We can install a water heater of your choice. Choose from a convectional, power vented or a tankless system. We will install your new water heater and safely dispose of your old heater.

Underground Fuel Lines – Need to run a gas line for your outdoor gas equipment, no problem. We specialize in underground fuel lines. We have been working side by side with a variety of landscaping and pool companies for over 10 years now and come highly recommended. We can also provide you with the trenching service.

Piping - Need a gas line ran to a new piece of equipment like a BBQ or a stove call us, no job is to big or too small.